When to go trekking in Nepal?

When is the best time to go trekking in Nepal?

When planning your trek of a lifetime in Nepal it’s very important you choose the right season! Each season offers challenges and rewards. Here’s an overview to get you started.

October-November: the weather is balmy, the air is clean, visibility is perfect and the countryside is lush and green following the monsoon.

Choose the right time of year to go trekking in Nepal

December and January: the skies are as clear but it can be very cold: trekkers need to be well prepared for snow.

February-April: the tail end of the dry season, is the second-best period: the weather is warm and many of Nepal’s wonderful wild flowers are in bloom, but dust can reduce visibility.

Not good times of the year to visit Nepal for trekking

May – June: This is Nepal’s hot season, and it can get very hot! The mountains are often covered in a dusty haze at this time of year as well,

June – September: This is monsoon season. The rains can block some roads, rails and trekking can be a very wet experience.

Keep in mind that even in May to September that Nepal still has many things to offer. The mountain valleys are a lush green with beautiful flowers blooming on the hillsides.


narayanUnsure about when to go?

“No problem, send me an email with what trek you are thinking about going on, and I’ll let you know when the best season is!”

What to bring?

It might surprise you to know, but both in Pokhara and Kathmandu there are a host of trekking stores. A lot of these stores sell counterfeit or fake goods. However good value bargains can still be made for the following items that will save you weight on your flight or travel:

Easily available in Nepal

There may be snow on the mountains, but it’s still warm during the day!

  • Walking Poles
  • Torches
  • Jackets
  • Sleeping Bag

I would advise that you bring the following with you

  • A good set of hiking boots (water proof)
  • Good quality thick socks
  • UVA Sunglasses

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