How to plan a trek

One of the very first things you need to do is figure out what style of trek you want. Here’s an outline of things to consider:

Styles of trekking in Nepal you want

There are treks to suit all ages and people. But it’s important to have an idea about what you would really like to experience!

Camping Trek:

Happy Trekkers in Nepal

In this trip you sleep in tent and either cook for yourself or have a cook prepared food and porter carry your luggage. We have to bring food from Kathmandu. Only you have to carry a small bag for your most necessary things like camera, water bottle money and etc.

Lodge Trek:
Here we will be staying in the many lodges that are all around the various trek routes, all lodges supply hot food. This is the most popular option among trekkers.

Trekking in Nepal

Next have a think about what you would like to experience?

Vista Trekking: for spectacular mountain scenery

Big Pass Trekking: Trek over a famous pass in a mountain region

Circuit Trekking: to complete a famous trekking circuit

Photography Trekking: getting to the most spectacular sights.

Vista trekking in Nepal

Nature Trekking: animals, plants and all manner of wildlife

Indigenous Trekking: meeting with and getting to know local culture

Of course all treks can be combined depending on a clients wishes and time frame’s. I specialize in custom treks, contact me so we can get planning!

Meanwhile here is a list of our most popular and stunning treks