Earthquake relief

Destroyed village house Nepal

Destroyed village house Nepal

The April 25th 2015 7.8 earthquake in Nepal

Since the founding of Trek Around Nepal we have done our best to support the local economy. We support local businesses, guest houses, guides, porters and local community groups.

When the earthquake hit our first priority was to our clients out trekking at the time. We established contact with our guides through radio, mobile and personal contacts. All our clients, guides and porters returned safely.

We then mobilised a team of guides to help other trekking companies to locate their clients while at the same time trying to survey how much of the mountain community had been effected.

Our long-term humanitarian projects

For many years we have worked with medical teams delivering aid to families in rural districts. This is part of our own personal project to give back to the communities we are a part of.

When the earthquake hit these communities were devastated. Areas in Gurkha, Langtang and Dhading were wiped out.

We worked with Global Nutrition Empowerment (GNE) to provide aid delivery to these areas. Our experienced trekking teams were able to help the aid agencies get to places they’d never been to before through broken roads and destroyed landmarks.

We helped to arrange local fundraising among non-affected areas of Nepal to contribute to the aid relief. This aid came in the form of personal financial donations, first aid equipment, food, shelter materials, storage, manpower and experience in organisation of relief goods.

Trek Around Nepal Delivering Aid

Narayan Bhandari from Trek Around Nepal supporting local communities after the earthquake

Within the first 4 weeks we had completed over 8 relief operations.

Our future goals

Today we continue to provide aid, education, supplies and skills to the communities devastated by the earthquake.

We are open and continue to provide trekking services throughout the Annapurna range and to Everest Base Camp. However we also continue to support local communities throughout Nepal as part of our personal “Give Back” initiative.

We never ask clients to donate nor do we give tours to areas in need. This is our own personal project. If visitors wish to help we suggest a donation to GNE.

If you trek with us we are a happy to explain how life is here in Nepal as we explore our fantastic country together. We are a trekking company of the community and for the community.

We hope that together, we can all make a difference.